The Deva family for the Simon Wiesenthal Center

Stockholm, 2022-02-14

To Simon Wiesenthal Center

Subject: The article about Xhafer Deva on February 8, 2022

My name is Valdet Deva, I am a family member of Xhafer Deva, living and working in Sweden.

The Deva family in genereal, have been disapointed by the decision of Europian Union and UNDP to stop the restauration of Xhafer Devas house in Mitrovica, Kosovo. This desicion has been taken after appeal from the Simon Wiesenthal Center about this case.

On the other hand the Simon Wiesental Center made this appeal based on claims made by historian, Dr. Efraim Zuroff, in his letter to Ambassador Dimiter Tzanchev, head of delegation of the Europian Union to state of Israel.

In your article, you allso refer to Dr.Efraim Zuroff, and his statment that Xhafer Deva, played an active rol in persecusion and deportation to the Sajmiste concentration camp of hundreds of Jews.

We the family of Xhafer Deva, claim now, that you serve us any document of any kind, that can proof this hard accusations made by Dr.Efraim Zuroff.

We assume that you together with Dr.Efraim Zuroff, can serve us a list with names of the jews that Xhafer Deva deported and persecuted, and other proof documents.

It is a high responsibility for your organization, to be able to proof your claims and references in this article.

On the other hand, we have documents that can proof that Xhafer Deva was a albanian leader that never harmed jews, and helped jews survive the Holocaust. We can serve this documents any time.

The Xhafer Devas family awaits your answer and presenting the document of proof as soon possible!

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