Josep, you have political responsibility for this conflict

By Martin Henze

As with the Ukraine conflict, dreams and desires have been instruments of foreign policy, without reference to reality. Serbia has wanted to rebuild Yugoslavia since 1991, just as Putin has wanted to rebuild the Soviet Union since 2007. They are imperialist autocrats with a basic pathological nature. Can negotiate with them? Was it possible to negotiate with Mao, Stalin, Hitler or Kim ? No.
Who does not want to or did not want to see this reality? Western politicians.

Have they woken up ? Yes, in the case of Mao, Hitler, Stalin, Kim , Ukraine.

Have they woken up in the Balkan Peninsula? Mr Borell apparently not

To the facts:

Some 25 soldiers of the Nato-led peacekeeping mission in Kosovo (KFOR) have been injured in riots by Serb demonstrators. “Several soldiers from the Italian and Hungarian KFOR contingents were attacked without cause and suffered injuries with broken bones and burns from the explosion of firebombs,” KFOR announced on Monday evening.
They were Serbs and not Kosovars. The acts are relevant under criminal law. In this respect, Mr Borell, what is there to de-escalate at this point?
Were they typical Kosovar Serbs ? No. Were the Serbian security groups active for days and the Russians? Yes.
Did the Kosovar state provoke by implementing a democratic election result , constitutionally legitimised ? No. Do democratic and civilisational values apply in the Republic of Kosovo? Yes.

Result: Joseph your policy of freezing the conflict has repeatedly failed and has now almost claimed the lives of NATO soldiers. The civilisational substance of the Republic of Kosovo and a de-escalation can only be organised, as in Ukraine, through a very clear language of foreign policy, by communicating very clearly to the aggressor Belgrade that the Republic of Kosovo is to be recognised within its borders and that the Serbian minorities have to recognise this and that the German-Danish model of minority protection is implemented in parallel.

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