His Excellency
Donald Trump
President of United States of America – June 25, 2020

Dear Mr. President

We ask you politely to support Kosovo, the homeland of Saint Mother Teresa! Please help Kosovo with your personal commitment, because the people of Kosovo are the most grateful to the United States of America!

Excellency, we ask you to help the Serbian people to find the strength and to apologize for all the atrocities thay had commited to Albanien people, projects aimed at the total extermination of the Albanians. These projects, Mr. President, date back to 1844 and continue to be reactivated to this day. The preamble of Constitution of the Republic of Serbia clearly proves the intention of the extermination of the Albanian people.

Mr. President, we urge Serbia to renounce and apologize officially for the genocide projects drafted by Ilia Garashanin (1844 – Nacertanie), Vaso Cubrilovic (1937), Ivo Andric (1939), the Academy of Sciences of Serbia (1986) and for the genocide commited in 1999!

Mr. President, Saint Mother Teresas people deserve peace and prosperity. We believe that peace can only be achieved, if the neighbors of the Albanians, who work closely with the Russian Federation, give up the projects of eradicating the Albanian people.

Wishing the United States prosperity and invincible leadership in the coming years, we express our nation’s gratitude for the saving and unstinting help for peace and prosperity, as well as for our lasting friendship with the United States of America.

God bless the United States of America!


Daniel Rosaj, Association of Mother Teresa – Switzerland

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